5 Simple Home Remedies for a Glowing Skin.. with your Kitchen Waste. Yup!

You've always had the ingredients

You’ve always had the best ingredients

You’ve probably read about home remedies before – now it’s finally time you try it out. We are telling you what to do and why. Here a 5 useful things you can do with your everyday for a  gorgeous glowing skin.

 1. Used Lemon to bleach and clean

In Indian cooking, lemon is used in almost every dish. It’s common to have loads of used lemon shells lying around your kitchen, waiting to be thrown into the dustbin. Instead, go ahead and rub them on your face and body as it acts as a good cleansing agent and bleach.

 2. Tomato slice for that rosy glow

Tomatoes are the base for all our curries. When you are slicing tomatoes, make sure to keep a small bit aside- it can be used on your face to get a healthy pink glow.

 3. Fruit and Veggie Peels to brighten

Peeling veggies and fruits is a daily affair or rather an hourly affair in Indian households. Don’t throw away all those peels, keep it aside and rub it on your face to brighten your skin.

 4. Coffee grounds to exfoliate

We are all coffee lovers and we throw away the grounds after making the brew. Why not use it on your body as an exfoliator and see the difference? It works like magic.

 5. Leftover Curds to get fairer

Curds are an integral part of the diet and also a good bleaching agent. Get fairer by applying leftover curds on your face regularly. It is also an age-old method to prevent acne.

So the next time you are on way to throw away those food waste, think!

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  • Mansi

    This is so good infographic and these are useful remedies. Thanks. To get naturally glowing skin then also take herbal beauty protein powder

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