10 Minute Monsoon Workout

Here is a total-body workout to burn that fat and tone the body in less time, from none other than Bangalore’s expert fitness guru Wanitha Ashok! These compound exercises are good for rainy season and also for people who are busy and find no time to workout! Along with a good balanced diet you can get fit, slim and healthy even during rainy season.


Warm up your body by walking around the house for 5 minutes before you start this workout.

Do the following sequence 3 times to see the results, if you are  new to exercising then start with just 1 time . Rest for a minute before you repeat the second time. Do on alternate days. Next day walk or skip or do stair climbing for 20-40 minutes. Its good to invest on a stationary cycle as it will help in monsoon season.

The Series-

1. Skipping/ Stair Climbing/ Jog in Place

  • For 3 minutes

2. Plank/ Push Up

Target Muscles- Chest and Core

  • Start in plank position (palms on floor, hands below shoulders, abs engaged, back straight).
  • Hold for 30 seconds. Drop to knees.
  • Now do 15 push-ups

3. Squat/ Biceps Curl

Target Muscles- Arms, Butt and Legs

  • Hold a dumbbell or water bottle in each hand and squat. Do 8 reps.
  • Stay down as you squat and do 10 bicep curls

4. Windmill

Target Muscles- Abs

  • Stand tall with arms extended out to sides, abs engaged.
  • Bending from waist, reach right arm toward left toes; repeat on left. Do 25 reps, alternating sides.

5. Bridge/ Chest Fly

Target Muscles- Chest and Butt

  • Lie face up, knees bent, holding dumbbells over chest with arms extended and palms in.
  • Press into heels, lifting hips toward ceiling into bridge.
  • Lower weights out to sides, toward floor (5 reps); lower hips.

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