Million Reasons why Moms Deserve their Special Day

mothers-day-special‘She kisses my boo-boos, she braids my hair. My mother is beyond compare. We love you mothers everywhere.’

– (Despicable Me)

A mother is not only needed by her children but by the whole family. She is the root that makes the tree flourish. She nurtures and cares relentlessly. Being a mother is a full time job where you get no weekends or other holidays. And still she does it flawlessly without any complains.

The number of roles she plays in our lives is simply incredible. It fills our heart with gratitude. In fact, everyday ought to be Mother’s Day.

Here’s some of the million reasons why your mom is the best.

  • She gave you Birth

None of us would be in this world if it weren’t for our moms. She could have made many wise decisions in her life. But giving birth to you will top the list.



  • She is your Best Buddy

You can share anything that’s on your mind. And rest assured that you won’t be judged. Whether you are a failure or a success, it doesn’t matter to her. Love in her eyes is unconditional.



  • She makes the home out of walls

A house is complete without the crackling laughter of children. And the smell of fresh beans on toast is what you want to wake up to. Your mother makes this possible.



  • She is your Lifetime Teacher

You can pass out of the best school, or graduate from the most prestigious university. But the kind of advice she gives you is priceless. She teaches you things nobody else can.



  • She teaches you the True Meaning of Forgiveness

No matter how much you hurt her, she will always forgive you. Because her love is unconditionally. In her heart, you will still remain the little kid who made mistakes unknowingly.


So let’s celebrate this Mother’s Day to show her how much we love her.

Express your gratitude by gifting her a day she deserves.

~By Anushree Kamath

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