9 best spa jokes we love


Being a spa and a salon aggregator is not easy. We get to handle different customers and their questions. Some answerable and some end with β€˜Only authentic and legal services’. Having said that, we always tickle our funny bone and come up with some hilarious jokes. We thought why not share with you. Here are 10 best spa jokes we love,

  1. Reflexology you mean?

Spa jokes - Reflexology

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2. Post a Thai Massage

Spa jokes - Thai Massage










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3. Quite deep you see πŸ˜‰

Spa jokes - Deep Tissue









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4. A new you. We meant on the inside of course.. πŸ˜‰

Spa jokes - Spa changes you











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5. Yes. All naturale.. You know what I mean right?

Spa jokes - New you all natural

I just want to look natural. You know, like a movie star.














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6. Superfast acupuncture anybody?

Spa jokes - Acupuncture












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7. Just saying

Spa jokes - Spa at home














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8. Sometimes you wish there were such massages!

Spa jokes - Combo Massage









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9. Wondering what Reiki is all about?

Spa jokes - Reiki

‘I have to say I had a different impression of what Reiki is all about.’
















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Have any other spa jokes or humor, you wish to share? We sure would be more than happy to hear.

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