Monsoon blues and waxing? – Why not!

Monsoon blues and waxing? – Why not!

Monsoon blues are hitting us very often and we’re all dwelling in the seasonal changes that keep us relaxed every now and then. Taking care of your skin and hair is a must this season! Monsoons can have a dehydrating effect on dry skin and an excessive hydrating effect on oily skin. Waxing has become an important ritual for skin care these days! During monsoons, waxing becomes more tedious because the humid weather makes hair stick to your skin. Just because it’s the monsoons, we can’t say no to waxing, can we? Definitely not! So, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind this season.

  1. Indulge yourself in an exfoliating body wash to soften one’s body hair make way for a less agonizing waxing session. Exfoliation is the key to healthy glowing skin. You need to remove the dead skin layer from your skin, so that your skin stays hydrated and soft. Don’t forget that the pumice stone is your best bet to exfoliate at its best!

Monsoon blues and waxing? – Why not!

  1. Golden rule for an effective waxing is to make sure that your hair has a good length. It is usually difficult to wax if it’s very short hair.
  1. Moisturizing your skin is usually the immediate step after a shower. This time, instead of moisturizing the skin, soak up the extra moisture with a little powder. Any unwanted oil or moisture is likely to make it harder for the wax to adhere to your tresses.

Monsoon blues and waxing? – Why not!

  1. We all know it’s the monsoon, and a splash of water on clothes will tend to get it sticky. So, make sure that you wear loose clothes after waxing.

Monsoons can be tough on your skin and waxing can get to be a tricky process often. So, make sure you always use a moisturizer post waxing to cover and protect those exposed skin cells. This monsoon with these tips, we’re sure that your skin will feel caressed and as soft as silk.

All you got to do now is, step out in style and flaunt your super smooth skin, because you’re born to steal every show!

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