ditto Star

ditto Star




  • Pay Rs. 999 and get 3600 in your ditto wallet
  • Rs. 300 will be immediately added to your wallet upon the successful subscription of ditto star
  • Remaining Rs. 3300 will be added to your wallet in the next 11 months (Rs. 300 per month for 11 months)
  • No hassle cancellation of bookings
  • Additional offers and discounts

Frequently Asked Questions

ditto star is a unique subscription plan for customers to enjoy a benefit of Rs. 300 per month.

Visit https://www.dittoapp.in/dittostar and click on Subscribe Now; continue with your payment method and upon successful payment, you will be automatically be a ditto star subscriber from the date of the payment and Rs. 300 will be immediately added into your wallet.

Please refer to the Benefits section.

A ditto star subscriber can use his subscription benefit for a total of 12 times in 360 days, limited to 1 booking per month.

Ditto star subscription is valid for 360 days from the date of subscription.

As good as it might sound, you will be able to avail the benefit for your bookings only after subscribing to the plan.

If you are not an existing ditto star subscriber and you are about to make a booking, we recommend you to first subscribe to the plan and then make your booking to avail an immediate benefit of Rs. 300. If you are an existing subscriber, and have not utilized the benefit for the current month, you can go ahead and make a booking by using the available benefit amount in your wallet and paying a difference amount if any.

ditto star subscription is non-refundable and cannot be cancelled till the expiry date.

On the date of your subscription, your ditto wallet will be automatically loaded with Rs. 300. Post which, on the next 31st day, there will be another credit of Rs. 300 for the 2nd month, so on and so forth for the next 12 months. If you fail to utilize the any of the months’ benefit, it will auto-expire on the 31st day and a new credit will reflect in your wallet for the next month.

Yes, you are most welcome to invite your loved ones to the subscription program. Use your referral code to share with your family & friends and make sure they use the code while subscribing. Upon their successful subscription, your wallet will be loaded with an additional benefit of Rs. 300.