Luminous Studio, Jayanagar

Hair (5)

  • Female - Hair Hair Cut+style (You save 180)

    900 720

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  • Female - Hair Hair Wash+conditioning (You save 300)

    1200 900

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  • Male - Hair Hair Spa (men) (You save 260)

    1300 1040

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  • Female - Hair Hair Spa (women) (You save 340)

    1700 1360

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  • Female - Hair Hair Straightening (You save 1700)

    8500 6800

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Waxing (4)

  • Female - Waxing Sugar Wax(full Arms+full Legs+under Arms) (You save 200)

    1000 800

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  • Female - Waxing Brazilian Wax(bikini) (You save 300)

    1500 1200

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  • Female - Waxing Rica Wax (full Arms+full Legs+under Arms) (You save 310)

    1550 1240

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  • Female - Waxing No Strip Wax (full Arms+full Legs+under Arms) (You save 370)

    1850 1480

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Manicure (1)

  • Unisex - Manicure Spa Manicure (bomb Treatment) (You save 200)

    1100 900

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Pedicure (1)

  • Unisex - Pedicure Spa Pedicure (bomb Treatment) (You save 300)

    1400 1100

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Facial (2)

  • Unisex - Facial White Secrets Facial (You save 500)

    2500 2000

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  • Unisex - Facial International Gold Facial (You save 500)

    2500 2000

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About Luminous Studio

Luminous Studio located in Jayanagar, Bangalore is a female only salon and provides Salon services like Facial, Gomalon Chocolate Cartridge Wax, Hair, Manicure, Package, Pedicure, Waxing starting from 11:00 AM upto 07:00 PM to cater to your beauty needs.
You have no reasons to worry on your path of relaxation because all the services listed on ditto are available at exclusive prices, all your appointments are auto-confirmed & you are also given the choice to pick real-time slots/E-voucher valid for 1 month. So now, Stress no more because ditto, your wellness companion is here to make you a better you today! PS: Use our mobile app to make bookings and get driven like a boss with our UBER integration.

Location for Luminous Studio

Luminous Studio

Jayanagar, Bangalore,
Karnataka, 560011

What you should know

  • Arrive at-least 10 min before your appointment
  • Please inform if suffering from any injuries or allergies
  • Anything that is not specified is chargeable
  • Cannot be clubbed with any other offers in the Website/App or by our services providers
  • We are not liable for any service quality issues, accidents or personal damages before, during or after availing of the service.
  • If you do not avail the service beyond 30 days the service will automatically get expired.
  • In the case of a appointment not honored by the vendor full refund will be made to the customer