Hilarious Dieting Fail Confessions

1. They say more colorful your meal is, the healthier it is. So, I ate a bag full of candies this evening.
healthier meal Diet Tips Gomalon
2. I finished the cake just because on the top, it was written “Healthy” with a creamy frosting.
3. I used a very small spoon to scoop out Nutella. The lesser I take, it will be good for my health.


4When I came out of the gym, I feared dehydration. That is why I had a chocolate shake.
5. I tried heating healthy once in my life but it was the worst meal of my life. So, I decided to go back. You see, I feared malnutrition as I could not finish even one meal.
6. I try to eat healthy but then I feel so hungry even after finishing my healthy platter that I start eating people’s heads. Just to avoid this, I prefer my choice of diet.


7.  I am on a very strict healthy diet……….ooh look cake. I will just take a small bite. Aah it is so yummy. I will start this diet once the cake is over.


8. I didn’t get time to prepare my healthy meal due to my hectic work schedule. That is why I am just taking these cookies and a chocolate. During office, these things are only readily available.
9. I am on a 1-month strict diet plan. I have just missed 10 days. It doesn’t matter much.

Monthly Diet Paln


10. My mother sent me two bottles of homemade butter and ghee. How can I disappoint her? She made these with so much of love. I should return her love back by finishing them as early as possible so that she feels good.


11. I could die any moment and I don’t want my last thoughts to be “I really wanted that Ice-cream and chocolate” and that’s why I stopped dieting.
Ice-cream and chocolate Addicts Gomalon Diet Idea

Dieting Fail Confessions Gomalon


~By Shreya Sinha

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