Monthly Archive: June 2015

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5 Everyday Yoga Poses

Deep down, I’m sure most of us want to exercise daily and stay fit. In today’s world, our busy and hectic lifestyles don’t give us ample time or motivation to maintain our health. Yoga...

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How to remove an Unwanted Tattoo?

There are basically two ways to remove an unwanted tattoo- either seek help from a professional or try home remedies; the latter is definitely more effective. Going to a professional and seeking help is...

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Gomalon- Updates!

We have come a long way from scratch to Beta in the last six months. After weeks of ideating, building, testing and rebuilding, Gomalon beta is ready to face the heat. We are really...

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10 Minute Monsoon Workout

Here is a total-body workout to burn that fat and tone the body in less time, from none other than Bangalore’s expert fitness guru Wanitha Ashok! These compound exercises are good for rainy season...

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Monsoon Workouts

Rainy season makes workouts difficult and makes you eat unhealthy deep fried food and due to rains we will not be able to exercise also. So this will lead to weight gain. As exercise...

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