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Abhyangam – The gift from India

Abhyangam or Abhyanga is a form of Ayurvedic body massage taking its roots from the ancient Ayurveda techniques. It is aimed at nullifying the negative energy and detoxifying the human body, mind and soul. Under Ayurvedic...


5 best hair salon’s in Bangalore!

Person 1 – ‘’Good hair = good day’’ Person 2 – ‘Good hair lets me slay’’ Person 3 – ‘’Good hair boosts my confidence’’ Person 4 – ‘’I love exploring my hair’’ PS: When...

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Top 5 trending spa therapies

Spa today is NEED. Well, why we say what we say is because of the trend we see in customer demand towards various spa therapies & that’s how we have come up with the...


Best spas in #Spatember for you

We at ditto have always believed in doing new things & always innovating them in the best ways possible. That’s how we came up with the theme of Spatember & various other things around...

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5 best Spa’s in Bangalore

A spa is a holistic wellness experience. It’s not just a massage but a complete experience for the body to feel rejuvenated & relaxed. We at ditto believe in providing this complete experience &...

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