Monthly Archive: April 2016

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All about Deep Tissue Massage

A Deep Tissue Massage is a therapy that concentrates on the deeper muscles and fascia. It studies the human muscle anatomy of the body and leaves no muscle untouched. Focused pressure is gently applied...

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Go the Thai Way on your Spa Day

Thai massage is considered as a traditional form of therapy. It was developed and practiced by the Buddhist Monks centuries ago. Many studies have been conducted to prove it’s multiple benefits. Perks of a regular massage include...

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Are you still a Spa Virgin?

Lot of people avoid going to a spa as they have no idea what to expect. Or they simply feel intimidated. A spa experience is incredible in many ways and everybody should try it....

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5 Reasons why Swedish Spa is a Must

Swedish spa is one of the most popular massage therapies. This technique has been used since many years with proven benefits. And today, it has become the most essential spa treatment. The masseuse uses...

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