How to prevent hair loss in Bangalore

There wouldn’t be a single person on this planet who wouldn’t love to have healthy hair on their head. But in Bangalore’s impure air and water, coupled with unhealthy lifestyles, healthy hair is becoming a distant dream. Here are few tips on how to maintain your hair in Bangalore’s weather based on my personal experience-

1. Washing-


Do not wash your hair everyday, the ideal number of washes is 2 to 3 per week. Also, shampoo your hair a maximum of 2 to 3 times in a week to avoid too much of chemicals.

2. Conditioning-


Your hair can get dry and brittle in this weather. Condition it well after each shampoo. Oil your hair and pamper it atleast once in a week.

3. Drying-


Do not blow dry your hair often. I would advise not to blow dry at all. It is always better to let your hair air dry. The results would be bad initially, but slowly your hair will get used to this and will adapt.

4. Styling-


Do not use hot irons, curls, straightening creams and styling products frequently. These will give you only short term benefits. On the long term, your hair can get damaged permanently.

5. Products-


Try to use organic shampoos and conditioners on your hair. This will reduce further damage to the hair. If you get time, pamper your hair by applying homemade hair-masks during weekends.

6. Protecting-


Always cover your head when outside to avoid direct exposure to sun and pollution. Also avoid hairstyles that pull your hair too much.

7. Eat healthy, Exercise regularly-


Watch your diet, try to include more of greens and fibre in your meals. Increase your physical activity too, you will definitely find a difference.

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