Fair or Dark, you are beautiful no matter what your skin colour!


No matter what skin colour you are on the outside, it’s all about what you are like on the inside

– Norman Sykes

A customer on chat recently asked us, ‘Suggest something to make me fair.’ And it got us thinking. We replied saying, ‘Love your skin, you are in and look to make it healthy instead.’ She sure registered with us but left the chat immediately. It made us wonder, why do people, still chase ‘the fair’ dream, when you are beautiful, just the skin you are in. We understand, there are many skin problems that may arise and you should take care to have a clear skin but not to change its colour of course.

This obsession with fairness has been there since time immemorial and is more a clichéd image created by a demeaning society to create a difference and set its own standard of what’s beautiful and what’s not. But as we advance and grow as human beings, with new inventions, discovering a lifesaving medicine or with great things being done with technology, isn’t it time to change this mind set too?

It does not matter, if you are fair or dark or wheatish, the point is to try be a good human being, be compassionate, help people around and be happy. More importantly love yourself, for who you are. Becoming fair doesn’t automatically transform you to a beautiful person right? It’s important to grow out of the stigma and help others grow out of it too. Teach the next generation to love who they are and not try soo hard to become fair.

Why being fair or dark, doesn’t matter?

Nobody chooses a friend based on which colour they are: If you know of someone who does, it’s better not to be friends with them at all.


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Your family doesn’t love you because of your colour, but for everything that makes you who you are. Agree there maybe a few relatives who base the love on it but come on, someone who doesn’t know you but judges you on colour is plain just not worth it.


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You won’t find love just because of your colour: When your complexion should sure not be a criteria to find love, if it is, then it’s not love at all.


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And lastly does happiness come based on your skin colour? No, right? Happiness depends on you and comes to you no matter. It’s about how you recognise and embrace it.


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So the next time you feel, you need to be fair or anyone else points out on your skin colour, think about it, do you really need it to be happy? Definitely NO…

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