Find that Perfect Hairstyle for your Face Shape

The perfect hairstyle is more than just few snips here and there or getting a famous stylist to do it for you. So, before booking your next appointment at your favourite salon(through ofcourse), make sure you determine your face shape so that you can ask your stylist to get the perfect haircut for you.

1. Oval


You should consider yourself extremely lucky if you’ve got an oval faceshape, because there are so many incredible hairstyles that can suit you. Victoria Bekham bob is a perfect one for you if you have lovely straight strands. Feel free to experiment with super short hair or bangs, as you can never possibly go wrong.

2. Square


When you have a square shaped face, your goal should be smoothen down your angular points with your hair. You can try graduated long layers, wherein the layers turn inward so that it narrows the face a bit. If you love fringes, ask for rounded fringes to your stylist- as in the outside corners of your fringes would be longer than the middle ones- pulling all the attention to the middle and thus softening a wider face.

3. Long


The most flattering hairstyle ever on a long face shape is the shoulder cut. This is because the ultimate goal is to create some width with your hair so that you face looks less longer. Bangs are also popular on long face shapes because of the same reason. One can also choose to embrace the long face rather than hiding it and such people can opt for a ballerina bun. It is very easy to create and with some rebellious strands, you are sure to turn some heads.

4. Round


It is difficult to find the perfect hairstyle for round faces but we did the groundwork to find the perfect styles for you. You might not believe it, but super straight sleek strands of hair look amazing on a round face shape as it gives an illusion of a longer face. Also, side bangs offset the rounded shape of the face and steers away attention to your cheekbones, thus helping to define them.

5. Heart


Heart shaped faces are cute and child like. They are wider on the top and narrow at the bottom; which makes it top heavy and necessary to draw attention towards the chin side. Long sideswept bangs do just this and draws attention towards the eyes and the chin. Almost all pixie hairstyles look great on these face shapes. You can also try out long graduated bobs if you are feeling experimental.

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