#FreeYourself: Going to a Spa is luxury? Who said?

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Why is going to a spa, still considered a luxury is quite unknown to me, considering it’s something you do to relax your muscles, pamper your skin and recover from a stressful life. It’s more a necessity than a luxury. The trend is sure changing, where people are taking note to give themselves time to get back some energy and to leave behind all the stress.

Considering the Independence Day weekend is over and you are done travelling, it could be a good time to introspect on, are you giving yourself – body and mind, time to relax, recover and recharge. There is soo much you shackle yourself with – inhibitions, stress, pain, fatigue, not doing anything about it at all.

How about you try to give yourself some pampering this week and maybe try one of the following spa therapies?

#FreeYourself of stress with Ayurvedic Abhyangam treatment:

A masterpiece of Kerala Ayurveda, it is a massage done with medicated herbal oils. The word Abhyangam is a Sanskrit word, which literally means oil application all over the body. All the major joints are massaged in a circular manner clockwise & anticlockwise.

The navel is filled with oil & this oil is spread over the stomach in a clockwise circular direction all over the stomach. This stimulating treatment increases blood circulation, which in turn encourages quick removal of metabolic wastes, while providing relief to diseases such as anxiety, fatigue, circulatory disorders, arthritic problems, backaches and injuries.

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Ayurvedic Abhyangam treatment

pc: kairalicenters.com

#FreeYourself of pain and fatigue with Kizhi Massage:

Kizhi massage is a procedure done with warm poultices of herbal power. A technique in which whole body or specific parts are made to sweat by using application of certain herbs which have the nature of alleviating the doshas (vata, pitta, kapha). It helps relieve deep seated tension, increasing circulation, loosen toxins, strengthening muscle tissue and ridding the body of excess Kapha. After the massage, all the linen bags are opened out and remaining pudding is taken and applied to the body of the patient and rubbed by the hands. After 5 minutes, the paste is wiped off with palm leaf scrapers.

Avail Kizhi pain relieving massage at just Rs.999 with goSpa. Click to book now.

Pain and fatigue with Kizhi Massage


#FreeYourself of muscle cramps and tension with Swedish massage:

Swedish massage is the most common and best-known-type therapy when you think of spa. It is the one to avail if you are going to a spa for the first time. This massage is mainly recommended to relax the entire body. It can vary from light to vigorous, depending on the pressure requested by the customer. The benefits include increased blood circulation, mental and physical relaxation , decreased stress and muscle tension, and improved range of motion.

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Muscle cramps and tension with Swedish massage

pc: sen-seis.com

 #FreeYourself of stress, pain and ease movement with Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage, as the name explains is a technique that focuses primarily on the deeper layers of muscles, involving the therapist using firmer pressure in order to reach these key areas and get them to release the tension there. If you are stressed out due to demands at work, home or both, deep tissue massage can help ease this stress in a healthy manner.

Avail deep tissue massage at just Rs.999 with goSpa. Click to book now.

Stress, pain and ease movement with Deep Tissue Massage

pc: mytorontormt.com

Now you have some information, break inhibitions and #FreeYourself. Book Now.

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