Winter is coming – Don’t let your skin cringe!

Winter is coming – Don’t let your skin cringe!

The autumn leaves are slowly disappearing and winter is coming! We know that nothing burns like the cold, this also means that a battle for luminous skin also begins.  It is that time of the year when all you want to do is snuggle in your blanket with that cup of hot chocolate. It’s no secret that, all that cold wind and an even colder temperature can rob the moisture out of your skin and hair.

Feet stay resolutely hidden inside boots and hands in those warm winter gloves. Your feet and hands need to breathe too, don’t you think? Worry no more! Here’s a guide to what you can do to take care of your skin and hair.

Winter is coming – Don’t let your skin cringe!

  1. Keep it lukewarm!

Your skin and hair needs maximum attention during winter. Even though, the thought of a hot  water shower with the cold weather outside can be very tempting, make sure you stick to a lukewarm water bath every day.

  1. Do not forget to exfoliate!

The varying temperatures both outdoors and indoors during winters can have a major effect on the skin. So, be vary to remove all the dead cells on the surface of your skin during your shower with the help of a loofah.

Winter is coming – Don’t let your skin cringe!

  1. Make moisturizer your companion!

This comes without a doubt. Use a really good moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized and soft. You can use a lip balm for those supple kissable lips at any point of the day!

  1. Pamper yourself at a Spa

There is no better way than a spa treatment this winter season to not only pamper but also to protect your skin! Dry skin, rough and cracked heels are common at this time of the year. Get rid of these problems by indulging yourself in a rich oil massage. This will help in better circulation and also to exfoliate, moisturize and nourish your skin.

Winter is coming – Don’t let your skin cringe!

  1. Sunscreen is not just for summers!

You may think sunscreen is not needed to protect your skin during winter, but this is the time when you really do need it! Wear at-least a dab of sunscreen when you step out in the open.

  1. Give your hair the oil it needs.

Your scalp needs to be moisturized too. So whatever your schedule maybe, be sure that you oil your hair and scalp. This will help to increase blood circulation as well.

Winter is coming – Don’t let your skin cringe!

  1. Cover with care

Make your own style statement. Let those woolen caps, scarves and stoles do the job for you. Don’t wear them tightly though, it can cause hair breakage.

Winter is coming – Don’t let your skin cringe!

We know that living is not easy during winter. So, there you have it! Don’t let those whipping winds, dry air or those chilly temperatures wear your skin down.

Worry no more during winters, these can sure give your skin a break when the mercury plunges. Winter is coming, and all you have to do now is embrace the spirit of the season!

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