Gomalon – your wellness companion!


Gomalon – your wellness companion!

Have you been thinking that a visit to a spa at-least once in a month can drain your pockets? Well, with Gomalon it’s not an expensive affair anymore! Keeping this difficulty in mind, Gomalon has launched goSpa. At goSpa, we bring to you, luxurious spas at uniform pricing across all our venue partners starting at just Rs.999/-

With this unique feature of uniform pricing, you can book the same experience across all our venues and at the same time avail high quality service. We promise not to let the standards down at any cost!

Gomalon – your wellness companion!



Our services range from Rs.999 to Rs.2499/- with an array of combinations and choices. We’re sure that you will be spoilt for choices and at the end of the day only prove to be value for the money you spend. And what’s even better, you are also given a basket of massages to choose from!

This is just one of the reasons why you should make Gomalon your wellness companion. We make everything wellness available to you with the touch of a finger. Look out at this space to find out more about why Gomalon stands out among the rest!

Book with Gomalon and the rest is assured! We are here to make your spa experience within your pocket and the best you will ever experience! After all, we are your trusted online de-stress portal!

Luxurious Spa starting at Rs.999 only on Gomalon. Book now!

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    Massage can help fight common cold and flu symptoms as well as improve the way in which the immune system functions. 토닥이

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