Rescheduling and Cancellation is made easier with Gomalon!

Rescheduling and Cancellation is made easier with Gomalon!

Have you been skeptical about booking online due to the dilemma of unexpected cancelling and the need to reschedule?  We are always a step ahead and there to serve you during the hour of need! Considering all these needs, we at Gomalon have come up with “Re-scheduling/ Cancellation”. We’ve made Re-scheduling and cancellation easier than ever before!

Easy Re-scheduling

Are you not able to make it on time for your appointment? Let’s reschedule your appointment, shall we?  You don’t need to worry anymore, because we make it easy for you to Re-schedule your appointment with the touch of a finger! With Gomalon as your wellness companion, there’s nothing you’ll need to worry about the traffic that gets us late almost every time! You can always re-schedule your appointment 3 hours prior, to another suitable time in-case you aren’t able to make it on time for your scheduled appointment!

Rescheduling and Cancellation is made easier with Gomalon!

Easy Cancellation

Changed your mind or unable to avail your appointment at the scheduled time? Don’t think twice! With your appointment being made through Gomalon, cancellation is made easy and hassle free. And you know what the best part is? You don’t need to worry about losing your money either! You can cancel your appointment 3 hours prior with the click of a button and within a second.  Whatever the reason might be, we’ve always got your back!

Stop worrying, go ahead and book your own spa getaway! With your booking made through Gomalon, you’ll never need to worry about rescheduling and cancelling! Book with Gomalon and the rest is assured. We are here to make your spa experience as simple as it can be and within your pocket. We assure that, it will be your best spa experience! After all, we are your trusted online wellness portal!

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