Rule this Woman’s Day like a boss!


Rule this Woman's Day like a boss!

Not like we need any day in specific to celebrate all the bold and beautiful ladies in our life! No matter what, pamper yourself on Women’s Day! As Beyonce rightly said, “Who runs the world? Girls!”


They do rule the world and hands down like a total boss! It’s this spirit of womanhood that is celebrated each day. Their carefree nature, those wild streaks, all the pampering and the indulgence, their innocence and care flowing off their hearts will never fail to surprise us. Every color of their emotional canvas is so beautiful that, it should be cherished every day!

In the midst of all this, let’s not forget that the reality has over-powered the free spirit and the daily lives have taken a front seat and somewhere the ladies have stopped treating themselves first.

Rule this Woman's Day like a boss!

Well not anymore! Read on, make plans, have a gala day and celebrate Women’s Day!

  1. Treat yourself!

Rule this Woman's Day like a boss!

Nothing can get better than treating yourself! Nobody appreciates your work? or Nobody appreciates you at home? Don’t let this feeling nag you at the end of the day. Like Taylor Swift says, “Shake it off”. Give yourself a treat. It could be a pampering Spa, a leisure brunch or even a lunch date with your girlfriends!

Well, a big jar of chocolate cookie ice cream while you watch an episode of Friends counts too!

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  1. Be B-E-A-U-Tiful!

Rule this Woman's Day like a boss!

Well, who doesn’t fancy a pampering time at the salon, something that most women love to do! And nothing is more relaxing than a full body spa. Get a new haircut or just blow-dry, that should do the trick! Remember, “Happiest girls are the prettiest!”.

  1. Check into a hotel in your city!

Rule this Woman's Day like a boss!

Who doesn’t love checking into a hotel? And you know what the best part is? – I can leave it like it has been hit by a tornado and come back and find a clean, swanky room. Order some room service, switch on the TV and let your hair down! After all, the day is yours!

In our crazy schedules, we remember to make time for everyone but often don’t have time for ourselves. This Woman’s Day, make some time for yourself. Do what you love whether it is cooking, relaxing or just contemplating about life with a cup of hot chocolate! A big shout out to all you beautiful ladies out there!

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