Are you ready to be the tweet of the town?

Are you ready to be the tweet of the town?

Don’t you think waxing has become quite an expensive affair these days? It’s hands down, one of the unavoidable monthly rituals that are part of any girls’ schedule! For whatever reason, be it a hot date or a tropical vacation, you’ve made the decision to endure the pain of having your hair ripped from the follicles of your skin! Keeping all this pain in mind, we at Gomalon, are more than thrilled to announce the launch of our new service! Let’s just say, we would like to make the experience a little less terrifying and more satisfying!

Waxing is not going to drain your pockets anymore. We bring to you, WaxOn by Gomalon, which will provide you full arms, full legs and underarms waxing for just Rs.599! The surprise doesn’t end there! WaxOn by Gomalon lets you indulge in chocolate wax! Now, who knew chocolate wax can get this affordable isn’t it? Hygiene is always a major factor when it comes to waxing. We’re helping you solve that as well. We provide you with chocolate cartridge wax which lets you not worry anymore about hygiene. It’s a single use kit and things can’t get any more hygienic than this!

Are you ready to be the tweet of the town?

Waxing can often come across as an experience which is more or less like chugging a vodka tonic! We know that pulling a thick hair out from its cozy follicle isn’t going to be comfortable.  It usually starts with a few deep breathing exercises and enjoying those last few peaceful seconds before the strip is pulled. Sounds like a nightmare isn’t it? Well, not anymore. WaxOn by Gomalon, with the chocolate cartridge wax, is all set to bring to you a painless waxing combo of full arms, full legs, and underarms.

With Gomalon, you needn’t worry more about how expensive, hygienic or painful waxing can get! We give you a solution for all these at the tips of your finger! Book your next waxing appointment through Gomalon and the rest is assured! Get the skin that will make your man blush with Waxon by Gomalon!

Painless waxing combo starting at Rs.599 only on Gomalon! Book Now!

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