Looking Good, Every single Day!

The saying, “You are as young as you feel in your mind” is true. To look good and feel younger, you don’t have to go through expensive treatments. Here are 10 tips to knock off those years and lift your spirits.

1. Posture


A bad posture weakens the spine, bends the back and adds years to your looks. Pull in your tummy muscles and walk straight, you will look 10 years younger.

2. Plan your outfits


Plan your outfits for the week well in advance. This helps in mixing and matching accessories, minimum repetitions and more variety in your dressups.

3. Wake up early


Wake up early daily to have ample time for getting ready the way you want to.

4. Sleep


You need to sleep for a minimum of 6 hours daily to look fresh and beautiful.

5. Voice


Check the tone of your voice by recording it and listening to it. If your voice sounds low, the chances are more that you will be perceived to be older and more authoritarian. Try raising the pitch slightly to sound better.

6. Hands


To look and feel beautiful everyday, personal grooming is really important. Your hands and feet are the biggest giveaways with respect to taking care of yourself. Pedicures and Manicures are important parts of personal grooming. Book online a pedicure!

7. Music


Music is the best stress buster that was ever discovered on this planet. Music helps to relax your muscles and body; thus relieving you off stress. Listen to your favourite playlist to feel and look better.

8. Hair


Hair is an important part of your overall personality. Make your hair look the best by trimming it, going to a stylist and taking care of it really well. Here are some options for your hair!

9. Water


Water improves your skin and body metabolism. It helps in getting slimmer and looking more radiant. Include a minimum of 2 litres of water in your diet.

10. Laugh and Smile more


Finally laughing lifts your face instantly and make your cheeks rounder. This helps in looking prettier and younger. All these tips if practiced seriously will make you look and fell good every single day in your life.

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