Monsoon or not – Always stay healthy!

Monsoon or not – Always stay healthy!

There’s only one thing which relieves us from the scorching heat of summer, and that’s Monsoon! The little joys of jumping into puddles, sailing paper boats and the pleasure of biting into a smoking chilli bhajji with a cup of hot tea are all beyond compare. Everything feels soothing and colorful when there is rain. The monsoon promises to rejuvenate everything around, but at the same time it also brings in its share of woes.

This monsoon, stay healthy with these tips:

  1. Want a healthy inside? Then, NO outside food.

Monsoon or not – Always stay healthy!

As tempting as they might look, they can upset your health quite a bit. Keep safe distance from street food as they might contain bacteria that causes indigestion.  Also, never, ever drink water from outside.

  1. Exercise indoors

Monsoon or not – Always stay healthy!

Whether it is a crazy torrential cloudburst or a mild drizzle, monsoons always have a way of getting in the way of your daily workout. If your exercise regime includes walking or running, try practicing yoga or free-hand exercises inside your house.

  1. Bring color to your plate

Monsoon or not – Always stay healthy!

Green and colored vegetables are a must for maintaining a healthy diet. At the same time, do no over eat. Try following the paleo diet. It not only helps you in having a healthy diet, but also helps in weight loss.

  1. Drenched? Go for an immediate shower!

Monsoon or not – Always stay healthy!

Indulge in a relaxing warm water bath to disinfect your body. This must be done immediately if you get drenched in rain, as skin and fungal infections are quite common during this season.

  1. Drink enough water and stay hydrated

Monsoon or not – Always stay healthy!

The weather is cooler and you don’t sweat too much, and hence it becomes important to consume lots of fluids to flush toxins out of the body.  At the same time,  make sure that the water you drink is pure. You could also swap your cup of tea and coffee with herbal drinks like green tea.

When it’s pouring outside, with all these tips, you have nothing to fret this monsoon! So go ahead and embrace the beautiful weather while you sip on your hot chocolate!

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