Waxing mistakes? – Not anymore!

If you have ever waxed, you know that pain is sometimes beauty! But we should also know that, waxing is not going to leave you tomato red for a week. Have you been making waxing mistakes just as much as we did? However, to make this monthly ritual of ours a cake walk, there are a few no no’s you have to follow! But if you know what you’re doing, take it from us – Waxing really can be a smooth sailing! Read on to find more:


Chocolate cartridge wax

  1. Wait at least 24 hours before tanning

So which thought would cross your mind first before a travel? – how many beauty treatments you can justify or getting any currency changes? We all know that it would always be the former! But do make sure that you wax a minimum of  24 hours before you spray tan. If you wax too closely to the tanning appointment, the hair follicles won’t have time to close properly. Now you don’t want to have a polka effect on your skin, do you?


  1. Keep a painkiller handy!

Do you also have the habit of saying ‘Ouch’ with every pull? Now you know what to do. Take some painkiller an hour or so before going under the strip to dull the discomfort a little. Give it a go and see if it helps you!


  1. Scrub-a-dub-dub

We all know that exfoliation is the key to make sure you keep ingrown hair at bay. But also make sure that you just don’t dive straight in with an aggressive scrub for a couple of days – give your skin about two to three days after a wax before you start exfoliating.

body scrub

  1. Don’t trim

We can always understand the temptation to trim whether it is your first ever wax or you’ve not waxed for awhile – Trust us, been there. Done that. Well, now you know you shouldn’t! If you trim, you run the risk of the hair actually being too short to wax. Don’t worry. Your therapist will handle it just right!


  1. Heading to the gym!

This time around, you should probably give the gym a miss immediately after waxing. It is always a bad idea to do that. Firstly, wearing super tight gym clothes will cause too friction on the area, leading to extra redness. Secondly, getting hot and sweaty immediately is just asking for a bacterial infection. So always wear loose-fitting clothes!



Follow these and we promise that you would sail through your next waxing session! Also, you can have a glass or two of red wine now to ease yourself, but after your waxing session. Now, go ahead and get yourself waxed! Happy waxing!

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