Body – mind connection: How a Spa helps!

We all know that, the most important thing when it comes down to invigorating your soul is the connection between the body and the mind. Ancient cultures did believe that imbalances between the two were the main reason for illness and different forms of health-related problems. Ever since Plato, we know that the body and mind are an inseparable unit and must be treated together. Our mind is often said to be responsible for our feelings, thoughts, awareness, drive and well-being.

Nowadays, in our hectic life there is a constant need or rather a demand for relaxation and recreation. Spas unwind your body, tranquil your mind and helps in the healing process. Spas stimulate our senses and thus have a direct impact on us from all angles.

Spa treatment

Well sometimes a massage can come across as a manipulation of soft body tissues to improve health and overall well-being – with no limitation whatsoever! This also makes it a solution for rehabilitation, relaxation, to ease pain and for stress relief. We massage lovers all know that body work can do miracles to us.

Imagine you are lying on a massage bed in a restful atmosphere, surrounded by tranquil music and indulging scents. You feel the sheet on your bare skin. The room is pleasantly dark, lit by small lights. This ambient sanctuary sets your mind at peace and your thoughts are fading away. Relaxing much?

A massage usually recharges, rejuvenates and relieves from stress from head to toe, inside and out. A spa incorporates relaxation techniques – the so called “biofeedback services” , combined with visualization and breathing exercises, guided meditations in-order to reinstate overall well-being. These overall rituals are performed to treat the body-mind-spirit trinity. A massage therapy is typically meant to re-connect your body, and soul in a way that brings our inner and outer selves into better balance and alleviate your entire being.

In short, receiving a massage is pure joy and pleasure!

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