5 ways to make your MOM feel special this Mothers day.



This Mothers day,

Make her feel special
Make her feel important
Make her feel like she is the only one
Make her feel like she is the best gift you have


Mother! The only word that shouts out the meaning of being selfless. A person who always hustles to do everything for you. From giving you birth to bringing you up to giving you all that you have asked just for a little smile of yours.

It’s time you make her feel special.


We have thought of 5 great ways to make her feel special on her day!

Read on & find out your favorite pick


  1. A personalized journal for her

With all her hustle, she has forgotten what she really wants to do in her life. Bring her old self back through photographic memories. Give her a personalized journal where she can store her favorite memories, make her calendar, her to-do list. Imagine her listing down all that she still wants to do in her life & slowly achieving them all.  Journals are available in book stores, online gifting sites or you could take that extra step to create a personalized journal.


  1. A personalized box with the best gifts

Pamper your mom with her favorite gifts. A box dedicated to her with her fav. goodies. Our pick is a box of great goodies from Food hall & some personalized vouchers of shopping etc.  This is one way to bundle up all her favorite things and express all the love you have.


  1. A de-stress experience.

It’s a must that your gets some time to feel pampered, to feel relaxed & away from the chores. A beautiful spa & salon package is a great way for her to feel  relaxed & rejuvenated. Try gomalon spa’s for the most personalized & amazing Spa/Salon experiences across bangalore & Hyderabad.


  1. Diamonds’ are a woman’s favorite

A great way to express love is by making your mom feel special. Diamonds’ area forever and known to increase the emotional bond between people. A great idea to gift, A pride to own & a possession to wear. She will always hold it in pride because it came from the one she loves the most.


  1. Just your time

In today’s world, what we miss out on is to spend time with our own Mom’s. Sometimes, all they want is for us to sit with them, talk to them & laugh with them. The most amazing gift would be to really spend some quality time with her on her day. Plan the day for her by baking a cake, cooking for her, watching a great movie with her & just being around.


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