Six Magical Massages that you should Experience!

A good massage works wonders on an exhausted body. To understand this, you need to break the stereotype that it is a thing only for the rich.

Get to know these 6 amazing and rejuvenating massages that are available in Bangalore and are currently offering great packages when you book via

Swedish Massage


Swedish massage is the most common and popular kind of massage in the world and is based on the western concept of anatomy. If you are a beginner at the spa or are a rare visitor, this one is for you. It can be gentle and slow or vigorous and bracing; depends on how much pressure you want on your body. It reduces stiffness, concentrate on specific areas of pain and make the muscles healthy. Get started on an awesome Swedish massage here!

Thai Massage


Thai massage was developed in Thailand, influenced by traditional medicine systems of South East Asia and Yoga. It encourages the receiver to become more engaged and energetic contrary to the Swedish massage. It is useful to get relief from asthma, migraine, sprain, anxiety, stress, tension, sleeplessness etc. Get to experience the best Thai massage in Bangalore here!

Balinese Massage


Balinese massage is an approach to massage developed in the Indonesian province of Bali. It is a combination of acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy. It works wonders on achy joints, muscle strains, sleep disorders, breathing issues and migraine. Plan a Balinese massage filled weekend over here.

Deep Tissue Massage

It is difficult for everybody to find time for exercise in Bangalore’s hectic lifestyle. The deep tissue massage is perfect for you if you want to try and remain fit and improve circulation. This massage can help you get rid of your texting-neck (injuries and pain sustained from looking down at a smartphone for too long), HOLS (hunched over laptop syndrome) and other posture related problems. Check out Deep tissue massages in Bangalore here.

Ayurveda Massage


Ayurvedic massage is based on the traditional Indian medicine system called Ayurveda. This massage helps in eliminating toxins through purification, strengthens muscle tone, relaxes and rejuvenates the body. It is an oil based treatment and is helpful for arthritis, spondylitis, lumbago, slip disc, frozen shoulder, stress & strain, sciatica etc. Experience one on gomalon!

Sports Massage


Sports massage is a manual therapy that is used to treat pain and disability. it includes kneading and manipulation of muscles, joint mobilization and joint manipulation. Sports massage originated to help athletes optimise their performance, recover after injuries or a big event or function well during training. It is excellent if you have a specific problem like a knee injury or an ankle issue and you need not be into sports to enjoy one. Want to explore?

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  1. Swedish massage is a common massage, as it reduces the pain of specific areas. On the other hand, deep tissue massage can increase the blood flow and circulations to the soft tissues warming up the muscles. It also helps to relieve muscle and joint pains and it also improves the flexibility.

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