Time to stress on de-stressing

How to Get De Stress

According to The American Institute of Stress, one of the main causes of stress across today’s generation is ‘workload’. That wasn’t hard to figure you say? We agree too. In this race, against time and also ourselves to achieve something – a dream, to buy a car, to set up a home, for the children’s better education or for a promotion, we let the stress take over, more so embrace it like it’s a part of us. Only to realise, how bad it affects when it starts to show on you, not just your physical health or also the mental weakness, reaching a point where you wonder, ‘Hey! Am not as old as I look. Well I need to hit the gym and do something!’ . The only assurance you give yourself until you feel this again.

Stress is ignored and more times than not denied to be accepted. It’s time to really stress on de-stressing. Do we hear the ‘I can’t afford to de-stress?’. Well de-stressing is not a luxury but a necessity and sure not something, only the rich and the famous do. 😉 De-stressing or relaxing, both the body and the mind, has a plethora of benefits, some of the main ones are,

Re-energies you

When you give your body and mind, the due rest it deserves, they utilize this ‘rest time’ to relax, reconstruct and clear, only resulting in making you feel calm. This would in turn result in re-energizing you in everything you do. With a clear mind and a rested body, you sure can take on new goals.


Positive you. Happy you

Dealing with stress and taking time to relax, calms your nerves, making you a happier person inside out. Being happy influences you to be more positive, wherein you attract and in turn radiate positive energy.

Overall well-being

De-stressing also helps in maintaining the overall mind and body health, which would be quite noticeable too. As your health improves, your overall quality of life takes a leap too.

Now that you know, why you need to find stress, must be wondering how do I do that and more importantly, would it cost me a lot. Here are 3 simple things you can do to get you started on the de-stress journey,

Do what makes you happy

As a child or even in college, you always had this one ‘go to’ activity that would make you happy. Rediscover it and take time to do it. If you love nature, love biking or running, just take sometime to do what you love and you shall feel the calmness seep into you. It could be as simple as listening to music.

Do what makes you happy

Reconnect with a friend or a loved one

Long chats and talking to your friends can also do the trick. But only this time, don’t go for a movie but for a lunch/dinner, where in you can sit and talk to them. Share your life and in turn lend a ear to them too. It sure could be a soothing feeling.

Reconnect with a friend or a loved one

Pamper yourself

Go to a spa or a salon and get yourself pampered. A massage could do wonders to you as they help relax your muscles. Even a beauty treatment, where in your skin feels fresh and happy could also be a great way to de-stress.

Pamper yourself

Now that you know, don’t ignore stress, accept it and take time to deal with it. Because unless you are happy and relaxed, achieving the smallest of things may seem like a big feat. Wondering where to start? How about a relaxing and rejuvenating massage at just Rs.999/-. Only at Gomalon.com. Book your slot today!

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