Who said skincare is only for ladies? #MenNeedSkinCare


The norm has always been that it’s women who are worried about their skin. They are the ones who spend extensively on products, salons and not to forget the in-house beauty regimes. It’s true, women do all that and quite openly so, because it’s expected of them. But who said skincare is only for ladies? Men equally need to take care and worry if they want a good, clear skin. We know you worry about it and it’s okay to accept so also.

Thank goodness to the changing times and the mindset, many men are starting to do something about it. That is to take care of their skin and themselves. So if you are a beginner and wondering, where to start from. We bring to you the 5 basic steps, you can do to transform your skin in time. For a healthy skin and a happy you! #MenNeedSkinCare

Step 1: Use a good face wash

First of all, please look to wash your face atleast twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Invest in a good face wash based on your skin type – dry, oily or combination. You need not buy only men specific face wash either, all of them work the same. Ensure to clean your face thoroughly to remove all the dirt.

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Step 2: Say ‘NO’ to cheap razors

Considering, you would shave a couple of times, it’s important to use a good razor or trimmer. Don’t invest in bad ones to just save money for the time being. Instead invest in a good one which will ensure you don’t get any cuts, burns and prevents ingrown hair. Hence helping you keep your skin smooth.


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Step 3: Don’t Skip the After-Shave

Your skin is made up of a lot of pores and when you shave, many a pores are left open. A good after shave will help you close and tighten these pores. Ensuring no dirt or acne causing bacteria can enter your skin. Also buy an after-shave that does not contain alcohol, as it dries your skin. Yes, can understand that we love alcohol but it’s a bad idea this time in your after-shave. 😉


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Step 4: Moisturizer is a must

Yes your skin needs hydration, no matter how tough it is. Use a moisturizer with SPF and you are sorted from getting any tan also. Every skin type, men or women, dry or oily, needs moisturizing. Use it. Period!


pc: Menshealth.com

Step 5: Pamper and rejuvenate

Yes, understandable that you can’t sit around at home with a face pack, neither go to salon often. But you can actually try some of the DIY face masks to pamper your skin. Even better, buy some good face packs off the counter or online.


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Do this religiously for a month and you shall see the difference. Am sure once hooked, you shall not stop caring about your skin. You will feel fabulous and look too! 😉 # MenNeedSkinCare

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