Thai massage: The beauty of simplicity


Don’t we all have a strange relationship with the Traditional Thai massage?  Most of us are often skeptical because of the pain involved in the process. It’s not just another modality, it is part of an ancient culture, lifestyle and social environment.  It starts off all nice and soft but then you will find yourself grinding your teeth and hoping the hour ends soon! But surprising enough, we all say that we don’t want to have another one ever and end up going for one after only about 2 months!

It’s called Traditional Thai massage for a reason. There are many techniques like pressing, leaning, rolling, rocking, squeezing and circling which are used by the therapist. Don’t you think it’s sometimes like giving birth? There are bouts of extreme pain but in the end, it’s such a comfortable relief.

Wondering why go through such a painful massage when you are supposed to just relax? Well, here’s the thing. Soon after your Thai massage session, you invariably feel clear headed, and energised and as high as a kite! The intense pain causes the body to release endorphins, giving you an opiate-like buzz. Most often we think of it as the tequila slammer of spa treatments!

However, there’s no doubt if the Traditional Thai massage is good! It is described as, ‘passive yoga’ because you’re made to lay on a floor mattress while the therapist presses and heaves your limbs into impossible, eye-watering positions. It is one of the best de-stressing massages you can come across.

The Traditional Thai massage as it reduces your stress levels, increases energy, flexibility and ironically, pain relief. Now we might even say that pain kills pain! Ultimately, the therapist unblocks your sen channels and releases the flow of healing energy. Thai massage is a harmonious combination of sensitivity, feeling, and intuition.

Now we know that there’s a lot more to this healing art than just stretching! So what are you waiting for? Book your next massage session now!

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