Pamper him instead, on this Father’s Day


Fathers play a very important role in everybody’s lives. So let’s celebrate this day to show our love and affection for their contribution in our upbringing. Most of us are pampered by our fathers as a father-child relationship is one of a kind.

Here’s why a dedicated day is a must to celebrate fatherhood across the globe:

He is a role model

Most of the girls look for a boyfriend or husband who have the same qualities as their fathers. They are the role models for the boys who try to follow their footsteps. When in trouble, we look up to him for advice and never get disappointed.


Always pampers you

Ask your mother if you want food. But your pocket money is mostly funded by fathers. They get you your favourite toys and chocolates. And if your mother is out of town, they let you stay up for an extra hour and indulge in video games.


Acts as a personal chauffeur

Fathers are mostly in charge of driving us around until we get our license. And they heartily do it for us without any complaints or expecting anything in return.

Father Driving To School With Children

Introduces us to sporty activities

Mothers generally take us shopping and teach us how to groom ourselves. But we wouldn’t know any sport if it weren’t for our fathers. They buy your first bat and teach you to catch a ball. They take you out for treks and make sure your follow every match on television.


He’s got your back

If you are in any trouble, you can always be certain that your dad will have your back. It might be followed up with a severe punishment, but he will make sure you stay out of trouble.


So express your gratitude by pampering him instead on this Father’s Day.

Gift him a day of refreshment and rejuvenation with Gospa.

Because he deserves to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday activities.

~By Anushree Kamath

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