2 way rating at Gomalon, next step to revolutionize Wellness Industry

2 way rating at Gomalon

GoSpa as a product came in, to standardize the entire ‘Spa experience’, not just for the customer but for the vendor too, addressing various issues each faced respectively. One important aspect of this standardization was the 2 way rating at Gomalon – a step that will revolutionize Beauty & Wellness industry.

What is it all about?

Well, you would know of the feedback or rating/review system, the customer is prompted of, post receiving the service. This forms a very important part of any industry, as the subsequent sale maybe influenced by the rating of the product/service. Well in the same way, the vendor who is offering the services is also requested to give a rating/feedback on the customer post offering the service. This is what we call 2 way rating at Gomalon.

2 way rating at Gomalon

Why is it important?

As the business grows, the pillar of it will be quality services and products. This rating mechanism in a way helps improve the overall servicing and the experience. To improve the offering for the customer and the ‘kind of’ customer, a vendor receives.

How has it worked for Gomalon?

The 2 way rating has been a welcome change among the vendors and in many a ways a factor, that has made Gomalon stand out among its competitors. Also we are proud to say, about 72% of our customers give our venue partners, more than 4 star rating. The vendors rate about 83% of Gomalon customers more than 4 stars.

2 way rating at Gomalon

source: Gomalon Customer Data Analysis

Now what do we learn off the 2 way rating at Gomalon? The vendors are happy with the customers who come through Gomalon and the customers are also happy with the venues they find on Gomalon. This is what Gomalon thrives on,

Not just happy customers but also happy venue partners/vendors. Unless your partners don’t trust the company and are happy with the association, how can they inturn work to make your customers happy?

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