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Gomalon – your wellness companion! 0

Gomalon – your wellness companion!

  Have you been thinking that a visit to a spa at-least once in a month can drain your pockets? Well, with Gomalon it’s not an expensive affair anymore! Keeping this difficulty in mind,...

Say no to those beauty woes this season! 0

Say no to those beauty woes this season!

Winter tends to bring its own woes and pleasure. Usually causing woes and often stealing the skin’s moisture. Just like the weather around, in winter, skin also tends to get tight and dry. Don’t...

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Wonders a soak in a Jacuzzi can do!

Think Jacuzzi is just a luxury item? If so, you’ve mistaken! It is more than just a luxurious accessory where you soak yourself in hot water. Benefits of the Jacuzzi are plenty – both...

Get rid of that annoying ache! - Through a Spa 0

Get rid of that annoying ache!

Sitting around your cubicle all day long or even sleeping in the most bizarre positions can end up giving you unwanted aches and pains. Wondering what to do to indulge in to release tensed muscles...

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