Diwali gift ideas – Quirky and out of the box

Diwali gift ideas

Festivals are a time of celebration, happiness and gifts. A time to spend time together, relive memories and make new ones. Gifts are more a way to show love to all your friends and family. A way to receive love and shower it back indeed. Nothing can replace the joy you feel, seeing a loved one happy. Here are some quirky and out of the box, Diwali gift ideas.

Gift a travel

Yes, why not? Instead of electronic devices or jeweler, how about gifting a travel experience instead. Gift a giveaway for 2 days around the city, which sure would not cost you too much. No worries on going over the budget.

Diwali gift ideas - Gift a travel

Gift a pampering spa

A hardworking mum or a stressed out cousin brother, the best thing to give them would be a relaxing spa. Spa is the most under rated way to de-stress but the most effective way to relax. Gift them a rejuvenating spa from Gomalon. In your budget(Spa at just Rs.999), luxurious and hygiene guaranteed. Book now

Diwali gift ideas - Gift a pampering spa

Gift something Personalized

Bar accessories or a wallet. Card holders or dairies. Now you can get anything personalized, with name, pictures or some content. This adds a touch of customization and the person receiving it will sure know, you have put a lot of thought into it.


Diwali gift ideas - Gift something personalized

Don’t do the usual clothes, jewelry and money gifts this Diwali, try something new and try something more personalized. It’s not just about giving gifts more as a ritual but as a token of love. It makes more sense when you invest your time and thought in it to do something special for your loved one. Gift love, gift happiness in a way that it stays with the loved one for years to come. When it becomes more than just a gift, but a memory.

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