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Thai massage: The beauty of simplicity

Don’t we all have a strange relationship with the Traditional Thai massage?  Most of us are often skeptical because of the pain involved in the process. It’s not just another modality, it is part...

Monsoon or not – Always stay healthy! 0

Monsoon or not – Always stay healthy!

There’s only one thing which relieves us from the scorching heat of summer, and that’s Monsoon! The little joys of jumping into puddles, sailing paper boats and the pleasure of biting into a smoking...

An all new for you! 0

An all new for you!

Who doesn’t like a change, isn’t it? Well, we at Gomalon believes that “Nothing changes, if nothing changes!” A new look is always a refreshing change! We’re sure it will leave you spellbound! You...

Rule this Woman's Day like a boss! 0

Rule this Woman’s Day like a boss!

  Not like we need any day in specific to celebrate all the bold and beautiful ladies in our life! No matter what, pamper yourself on Women’s Day! As Beyonce rightly said, “Who runs...

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